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An Interview of Shakira’s stylist

Rob Zangardi is one half of one of the top styling duos in Hollywood, R+M. Along with Mariel Haenn, R+M landed in the top 10 of the Hollywood Reporter’s Power Stylists for 2014. While he’s used to dressing glamorous stars like Shakira and Jennifer Lopez for red carpet events and concerts, Zangardi also knows the secrets to styling for any event and every woman. The renowned stylist gave Woman’s Day for Latinas an exclusive interview and shared his best tips for summer dressing, budget-friendly wrobe essentials and more. Plus, he shares celebrity scoop you won’t want to miss!

1. When you’re dressing a client, how do you make sure the look is reflective of their personal style, but reveals your touch as well?

The most important thing when dressing someone is to make sure they feel confident in what they’re putting on. To make that happen, it has to be this perfect storm of dressing them for their body, making sure it caters to their taste and finally, that it involves a little risk taking. The first two really depend on the client. The risk taking is where we usually add our personal touch or make suggestions based on our own ideas. It’s collaborative, but safe to say there’s a signature R+M touch to every one of our clients.

2. Some of your high profile clients are Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. What’s the biggest difference between styling them?

Jennifer is glamorous and feminine with hints of that Bronx street style that has become her signature. When dressing her for the stage, we think a lot about fabric so that when she’s dancing, she can move while main maintaining sophistication and extravagance. Shakira, on the other hand, likes more rock ‘n’ roll with touches of international influence and edge. We play with shapes and materials more than we do color. She loves to run around the stage, lift the mic, play guitar, bang on the drums…do it all essentially.

3. Both of them became mothers within the past six years. Did you notice any changes in their style in terms of what looks they asked for or preferred when they became moms?

The sophistic level and femininity increased in terms of red carpet and event looks. There’s more of a timelessness in the pieces they’re drawn to and assertiveness in their individual styles. Maybe it’s because once you have kids, clothes become less important and you tend to lean on your instincts.

4. Do either of them have any style or beauty secrets that would surprise people?

Shakira does her own makeup most of the time, which is unheard of in entertainment. Jennifer loves L’Oreal’s volume mascara and simple black eyeliner.

5. Since your client list is so diverse, how do you go about dressing different skin tones and body types so clients always looks their best?

It’s all about highlighting each client’s best assets and trying as many different things as possible to see what works. You make not know that a certain color looks great with your skin tone and hair or that a particular garment shape hugs you in all the right places. It’s important to experiment and find what works best. We’re lucky to have clients who aren’t afraid to do that.

6. Do you have any styling tips for our readers on how to best dress for their age while still looking stylish?

Accessories and fabric print and color are key! Experiment with those while maintaining classic shapes in the garments themselves, like pencil or A-line skirts or a great high-waisted wide leg pant. Don’t follow trends. By the way, throw out any age rules. We’d give those tips to any of our clients who want to look chic.

7. Do you have any budget-friendly summer must-haves for our readers?

Graphic T’s are great for summer and usually won’t break the bank. They can be dressed up or down. Some great budget friendly options include Madewell, J. Crew, Topshop and ASOS.

8. What key items do you recommend women having in their wardrobe and what items are worthy of a little extra spending?

Key items: tailored black blazer, the perfect pair of skinny jeans, classic nude pumps, black oversized sunglasses that have a bit of a cateye shape and a leather jacket in a flattering cut for your body. Also, investing in shoes and a great bag will make any outfit look expensive. If you’re going to splurge, do it there. That’s the best way to mix high and low.

9. What are some of your favorite red-carpet looks that you’ve put together?

Jennifer Lopez in nude Zuhair Murad at the 2013 Golden Globes

Rihanna in a Dolce & Gabbana suit at the 2009 Met Gala

Rachel McAdams in the red Marchesa at Cannes Film Festival

Shakira in a blue Julien MacDonald at the Billboard Music Awards Jennifer Lopez in a red Donna Karan dress at the Billboard Music Awards

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Antonella Roccuzzo wore
Dolce & Gabbana BB5187 Dark Green Woven Straw Shoulder Bag $2,134.00  $858.00 available online.

Worn with:Abercombie top


Antonella Roccuzzo wore

Dolce & Gabbana BB5187 Dark Green Woven Straw Shoulder Bag $2,134.00  $858.00 available online.

Worn with:Abercombie top

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Melissa Jimenez attended Rosa Clara Bridal Show during Barcelona bridal week.She wore Zara silk two pucket shirt.

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Melissa recently posted this photo on Instagram.She wore top black H&M Soft Slub Jersey Twisted Neckline, Chest Pocket, Short Sleeve,sold out.

Worn with:Ray Ban sungalsses

Anna’s bag from Gamper Cup is here.

Polly’s shoes from Vermaelen presentation at Camp Nou are here.

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Antonella Roccuzzo Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Bag
Anto wore this bag during her vacation in Italy, unfortunately the bag is sold out.
Avaiable : here 


Antonella Roccuzzo Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Bag

Anto wore this bag during her vacation in Italy, unfortunately the bag is sold out.

Avaiable : here 

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