Anonymous asked: hi :) i know that bruna probably isnt a wag, but can you help me? i mean brunas photo on ig (this: instagram(.)com/p/s4CHfFNl49/ ), because i would like to know what things are in this photo? i only know that there are a dry shampoo, mane'n tail shampoo and panther vans. can you post about this photo? please :)

I hope I will find some time tomorrow to find anything from this photo :-)

Anonymous asked: Is barcelona yur fav club?

Yes. Barca is the reason why I watch football and only team I support :-)

Anonymous asked: You must be yes it Very much amselig to other blogs to get ready, how old are you 12? I like but so women like you, others ready to go, and then as a holy place, you'll get off your fat yet and I don't come from her, but I got the snout is full that my Lieblingsbloggerin ready to make! Let them At last at rest and take care of your blödem Barcelona.

I didn’t understand anything in this message!

Anonymous asked: You're so sick, that there is no, let's look At last Bestdresserdwag in calm, you're killing them all the time, what did you, you're sick, let's introduce you and listen over pull here! We all support them and if you don't stop, you will regret it!

Aw aw aw I’m so afraid!! I don’t have time to see what she do but I don’t want she to go,then I won’t have anybody to laugh with :-)

Anonymous asked: Do u know how tall is nuria cunillera?

Xavi is 1.70m as Nuria is 2-3cm taller :-)

Anonymous asked: instagram(.)com/p/sncvROvMyu/?modal=true can find Anto dress please

Sorry I couldn’t find it :-(

Anonymous asked: Hi hun . Which collection you liked most from New York fashion week? Love your blog btw

Thank you:) I really liked Jason Wu collection:)

Anonymous asked: hi, if you have seen antonelas last photo on instagram with messi and thiago, may you post the green dress she is wearing cause is beautifull

Ask wagscloset​ or antoroccuzzostyle​ please! I can’t help you now

Anonymous asked: now that you are back, can you maybe find the white dress antonella was wearing on the photo with daniella and her others friends in capri on daniellas instagram photo

Ask wagscloset or antoroccuzzostyle please! I can’t help you now

madridista-wags-style asked: I love you ! Send this to 10 blogs you love and never will unfollow :)

Love you too beauty<3

daniellasemaanblog asked: I love you! Send to 10 blogs you love and never will unfollow :)

Thank you very much:) Love you too.Sorry for late answer but I said I can be active on blog very rare


Shakira wore 

Frame Denim Le Skinny Jeans Дин.20,370.97 available online.

As I announced before,from today till first days of October I won’t post in blog. I have my studies and a trip with my school mates so I don’t have for tumblr. This is link of a wag fashion blog which can help you about style of Barca wags,follow her.Greetings to all:)

Anonymous asked: The boots Shak wore on the latest photos from beach? You know, the ones Gerard's carrying...:)

They are Prada. I have posted same boots of her in black :-)

Shakira at The Voice battle rounds.She looked stunning in a Jenny Packham gold floral beaded cap sleeve gown, which comes from the Spring/Summer 2013.