Anonymous asked: Can you search for the last bikini Antonella worn? The one you put in her last look

I’m searching for it but my internet is so shit today..It doesn’t open images..I’m searching from mobile atm but doubt if I can find anything from here!

Anonymous asked: Shakira is 1.50! :)

Noooo!She is 1.57m! Google “Shakira’s height” and you’ll see 

Fernanda and Javier during their summer 2014 holidays.Fernanda wore a knit acid washed kaftan from Calzedonia 2014 collection.

Antonella wore Dolce and Gabbana embellished flat sandals during holidays in Italy.You can buy sandals for $455,16 $273,09 here.And Dolce and Gabbana ’Alma’ crochet knit tote $1.440,37 $936,24 here.

Anonymous asked: how many followers have you?

723 amazing followers 😘❤❤💋

liveandlaugh-xo asked: thanks for the follow beautiful xx

Your blog is great :-)

Anonymous asked: you clearly no nothing about wags height, all wrong again

Ohhh i forgot that only you is right always !

liveandlaugh-xo asked: hey hun! sorry to bother you, but, is it possible for you to check out my blog? xx

Sure :-)xx 

liveandlaugh-xo asked: no worries :) is the other admin to fcbarcelonawags, mysergioramos4? xx

I can’t tell admin of fcbarcelonawags sorry xx

liveandlaugh-xo asked: awesome :) do you have a personal blog? xx

Yes I do but I don’t share it here xx

liveandlaugh-xo asked: do you have this blog, and fcbarcelonawags? xx

This blog is mine and I’m administrator to fcbarcelonawags xx

Anonymous asked: you don't answer there to questions

We do. We answer all questions which haven’t answered before or aren’t in FAQ

Anonymous asked: how many followers are to fcbarcelonawags

7162 but why you ask me here for it ?

Anonymous asked: All the wags are so tall

Bruna, Melissa, Coral, Anna, Daniela and Nuria are pretty tall, other are average or short

Anonymous asked: How tall is Anto?

1.57m same as Shakira