Anonymous asked: i know your name and i know how you look like. last year you uploaded a picture that you deleted later but i saved it and i will send it to some blogs!!

A year before my blog didn’t exict and I have never said my name in this blog!

Anonymous asked: what is your instagram?

Can’t you see that I want to be private!

Anonymous asked: what kind of social medias have you ?

Only instagram!

Anonymous asked: if you dont want to show your name to anons that anon shouldn't insist anymore


Anonymous asked: how?


Anonymous asked: i bet you aren't even albanian. you know way to less about that country to be albanian


Anonymous asked: you are not funny


Anonymous asked: no there arent


Anonymous asked: how do you talk now?

None of your bussiness

Anonymous asked: how many letters has your name?

1 Million

Anonymous asked: you hace facebook. madridista-wags-style said she is writing with you there

I used to. We don’t talk with facebook anymore

Anonymous asked: lol you said a word your name is similar to but don't want to tell your name. as if there were so many simlar name to it. -.-

I have right to tell it or not! There are lot of same or similar names in my country

Anonymous asked: can you give me your facebook? I want to write private with u

I don’t have facebook!

I don’t tell my name for anons!
Anonymous asked: Si quhesh?

Google translate ;) 😜